News and Updates for July 2015

The AudioQuest NightHawk, the most anticipated headphone of 2015, has finally arrived. This is a semi-open, completely over-the-ear design, utilizing liquid-wood ear cups and the most innovative suspension headband you've ever seen. Sonically very warm and smooth, with none of the exaggerated bass plaguing many of today's headphones. In stock and available for audition at your convenience.

Sony XBR 4k Ultra HD has added a video dimension to Audio Dimensions. Come in and view actual 4K content on a correctly set up display without big box store florescent lighting marring the experience. We have the 55" on active display - other sizes are also available. We offer personalized delivery and installation on all products purchased through Audio Dimensions.

Audio Dimensions Product Spotlight

We are proud to display the trilogy of Magnepan .7, 1.7i, and 3.7i Loudspeakers The .7 series is amazing and each speaker is special at its respective price point.

The REL T7, T9, and newer S3 are a great way to enhance the low frequencies of your stereo or home theater system. We welcome customers to try them in-home and experience the difference they can make.

While the AudioQuest NightHawk is new, Grado Headphones have been a staple of Audio Dimensions for years. We carry virtually the entire line. Never owned a quality pair of ‘phones? The SR60e or SR80e are a no-brainer for under $100; made at the Grado family business in Brooklyn, New York.